How do I sponsor an event for your cause?

Click on the DONATE button or contact or do an eft payment to LIFT Community Development, ABSA cheque number 4090717689

   How do I volunteer for your cause?

Click on the volunteer button for more info or contact or 012 997 8006

   I represent a corporation, how can I help your organization?

Since LIFT is a registered NPO with Art 18 A and B status, we can issue a tax certificate when a corporation/company donates either money or items.

   Why should I give monthly (and how can I do it easily)?

To donate R100 or more per month is an easy way for individuals who want to make a difference, but does not have a one-time bigger amount of money available. Contact to ask about a monthly debit order.

   What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

A 100 % of your donation goes to the cause

   What can I expect after I donate to your cause?

Not everybody wants to receive updates and feedback, but we are so willing to keep you updated with info on what we used the money for, how the project is developing and what the impact is on the community that we serve.

   How much of the money that congregation members give to Moreleta Park Church is used for projects in Woodlane Village (Plastic View)?

A 100% of the money that is used to empower and improve the lives of the residents of Woodlane Village is donated by companies or individuals with the specific purpose of uplifting the lives of the people in Woodlane Village. Not a cent of the money donated to the church is used for the projects.