Food Distribtion Project

LIFT Community Development together with Moreleta Park Church and Jackie Botha of the Informal Settlements Forum (ISF) held 8 Food Drives during the course of the lockdown for Woodlane Village. Brave to Love, Living Word Church, Doxa Deo Faerie Glen and the ISF did the same for Cemetery View (just behind Woodlands Mall). Other partners who assisted with fundraising and donations were, SACares, University of Pretoria (Dept of Family Medicine) and Tebelo NPO.

It has been a miracle to be able to do 10 food drives over the course of 2 ½ months with 1800 food packets being distributed to every shack owner every time. One thousand food packets were distributed at Woodlane Village and 800 at Cemetery View. The distributions were covered with prayer and God kept His hand over the whole process – no incidences of violence or non-cooperation took place.

With every drive the food packages included 5 kg of maize and 1 Kg of soya/sugar beans that were bought with the financial donations received. The cost of one food drive was R90 000 J. Apart from these two items, vegetables (cabbages, potatoes, onions, carrots, butternut, pumpkin), and fruit such as apples, oranges, and lemons, breakfast porridge and bread were donated to make it a substantial food packet for a family.

LIFT Community Development has received a grant of R250 000 from the Oppenheimer Generations Fund to support the food relief effort for Woodlane Village/Plastic View and Cemetery View. Apart from that we received many other individual donations that made this possible.

We would like to thank everyone for all the donations that came from various sponsors including Brave to Love, Moreleta Park Congregation members, community members, businesses, Glen Fair Spar, SPAR Head Office, UP experimental farm, Pretoria Fruit and Veg Market, OnePeople Fund, Armando Barros (He Inspires I Dance) that donated soup packets, and other individual sponsors for the bread and some of the vegetables. We also thank everyone who made donations of oil, sugar, tinned meat, soup packets, soap and many other food items.

We had so many volunteers willing to help week after week with making up the food packets and helping with the distribution. You were great!! Jackie Botha of the informal settlements Forum and the leaders from both villages did a lot of work to get together the lists of the shack owners and to organise the residents every week to receive the food. Thank you!

This is a community in action!

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