Woodlane Village lost 89 shacks in a fire on 18 July and 534 people were affected. Three people died. The community responded as always with mountains of donations and financial help and every day of the 4 days that items and food were distributed we had enough volunteers to sort and pack everything (on average 35 people per day). Read more


A Health Day for children in Woodlane Village will take place on 3 September 2021. On this day the clinic will weigh, measure, immunize, de-worm and test the iron of as many children (under the age of 6) as possible from Woodlane Village. Read more


The Woodlane Village Clinic started on 8 February 2017 in cooperation with the University of Pretoria (UP). The Clinic is part of the COPC (Community Oriented Primary Care) project that UP has in cooperation with the Department of Health in informal settlements. Read more


Twice a year the children of Pure Hope School are provided with the opportunity to do recycling for six weeks. As remuneration for items they collected they earn “pendulas” (paper money). Items received from donations of food, toiletries, stationery, clothes, toys and sweets are used to create a pop-up shop where the children can spend the money they have earned. Read more


The ArtLIFT Project started in April 2019. The aim of the project is to teach the residents of Woodlane Village to make articles/crafts that LIFT then sells for them in order for them to receive an income that can assist with supporting their families. Read more

Mommy Baby Class

LIFT’s Volunteer – Francis Ridgers – started a support group for mothers with small babies. They do baby massage and how to exercise their baby’s legs, specifically the “midline crossing” that will help them with reading and writing one day. They do CPR lessons with help from volunteer baby-nurses. Also, support to the mommies and any postpartum depression.

Learning English Class

LIFT presented English classes to the ladies of Woodlane Village (Plastic View). We also had some eats and treats to encourage the ladies to keep learning. This was one of the projects where Retha saw real commitment and she is so proud of the 10 women who attended the classes faithfully for the last 3 months. We have a Sotho and Shona translator and some crying children in the back of the room, but the women participate eagerly! Follow on Facebook


LIFT just completed a Domestic Worker Training Course with 9 women from Woodlane Village. They completed six cooking classes, with a Bible study and life skills class every afternoon. Subjects included washing and ironing, cleaning, parenting skills, HIV Aids, Domestic violence and alcohol abuse. All passed their test and each received a certificate of completion. Please contact if you would like to employ one of the ladies. Thank you to Martie van Zyl who presented the cooking classes and all the other volunteers who shared their skills and experience with the ladies!


Domestic violence is a big challenge for the women of Woodlane Village and a weekly support group is offered to these women. Sessions include information and awareness on all kinds of abuse, skills on how to deal with abuse, building up their confidence and creating a network of women in the village that can support each other. A support group for new mothers are also presented including baby massage and many practical help with their role as mothers.


Pregnant women are encouraged to attend birth classes presented by the LIFT medical sister. Subjects such as birth and what to expect, breastfeeding, and other important information are covered. LIFT motivates the women to attend the classes by giving them a baby bag with the necessities for post-natal care. The content of the bag includes Newborn diapers, surgical spirits, cotton wool, maternity pads, baby bum cream, baby wipes, aqueous cream, baby soap, washcloth, baby blanket, baby grow, feeding bottle and a soft toy.


LIFT receives a lot of second-hand clothing, kitchen articles, toys etc with which 30 welfare organisations are supported. The extra stock is sold on Fridays from 9:00 to 12:00 at the Moreleta Park Church Community Store to the residents of Woodlane Village at a very affordable price.
Woodlane Village Women that help with the LIFT projects also receive tokens with which they can buy clothing at the store.
The funds from the sales are used to buy non-perishable food for 25 of these organisations. You can donate your second hand, usable articles to LIFT by bringing them to the Community Store.
The store is located at 1353 De Villebois Mareuil Drive, Moreleta Park, PTA. >>> Directions on Google Maps


Women learn how to sew with a sewing machine and how to make clothing, aprons, bags and other items that they can sell. They also learn to crochet and knit and the items that they produce are sold to generate their own income.


LIFT presents a veggie bag where Woodlane Village residents are trained to make a veggie bag. Each person receives a bag, 2 wheelbarrows of topsoil, a bag of compost, a bag of small stones and 50 spinach and onion seedlings. Veggies are planted seasonally, but spinach is very popular and can be eaten the whole year.


During the COVID-19 public pandemic, LIFT NGO took steps to allocate food to the Woodland Community. From the end of March, when South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announces the start of lockdown, LIFT volunteers packed and organised food parcels for each household.

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