What is Pendula Children’s Store?

The children of Pure Hope School are provided with the opportunity to do recycling for six weeks. As remuneration for items they collected they earn “pendulas” (paper money). Items received from donations of food, toiletries, stationary, clothes, toys and sweets are used to create a pop-up shop where the children can spend the money they have earned.

A guide assists them with their purchases and they are expected to buy from each station. It is great to see how they try to buy something for each one in their family!

In this way the children learn to care for the environment, they learn about basic economic principles, they are empowered to look after themselves and their families and, importantly, they learn that hard work is rewarded, allowing them to experience the joy of independence.

   DATE: 16 MAY 2020
   TIME: 08:00-13:00
   WHERE: Green Hall, Moreleta Park Congregation, PTA
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