The Woodlane Village clinic was established in February 2017 in cooperation with the University of Pretoria as part of their Community Oriented Primary Care project (COPC).

The clinic is open every Wednesday from 8:00 to 12:00 with the following services:

  • Basic medical care
  • Family planning
  • HIV testing and counselling
  • Social work services
  • Dietetics: children under the age of 6 are weighed and measured, given Vitamin A and de-worming. Supplements are provided to children with malnutrition.

Mums attending the clinic are motivated to do breastfeeding and patients waiting in line receive training and information to increase their health.

A health professional is appointed to run the clinic and is providing weekly training to the seven Community Health workers(who are employed from the village). Our clinic network with the Pretorius Park Clinic and other health professionals to increase the support of the community. For example, pregnant women, patients in need of chronicle medicine and children who need to be immunised are referred to the Pretorius Park clinic.

The Community Health workers perform Household Assessments, patient follow-up and pre-and post-natal care.

Two Children’s Health Days are organised in January and July every year where as many children as possible from the village are weighed, measured, de-wormed, immunised and having their iron levels tested.