Woodlane Village Fire

Woodlane Village lost 89 shacks in a fire on 18 July and 534 people were affected.

Three people died. The community responded as always with mountains of donations and financial help and every day of the 4 days that items and food were distributed we had enough volunteers to sort and pack everything (on average 35 people per day). Over the 4 days, the following was distributed:

  • 1500 bags of non-perishable food
  • 500 5/10/12,5 kg bags of maize
  • 2200 bags of clothing
  • 1000 bags of toiletries.
  • 1000 pairs of shoes
  • 200 bags of kitchenware
  • 230 mattresses
  • 90 paraffin stoves
  • 2500 blankets
  • 2000 pieces of linen, towels and pillows.

Apart from this, we received enough bread, vegetables, maize and meat to give all 534 victims 2 meals per day for 4 days. SACares organised the cooking and distribution of the meals inside the village at their container school. The 25 leaders and 10 village women that helped with sorting and distribution every day also received a bag of food and clothing as a token of appreciation.

Unfortunately, another fire occurred on 31 July with another 15 shacks burnt down and 64 people affected. Thankfully LIFT still had enough money and donations left to help the victims with paraffin stoves, pots, plastic to cover their shacks and toiletries. The financial donation was also used to buy meat, veggies and maize and SACAres provided a hot meal to all the victims for 3 days.


Woodlane Village Fire
Woodlane Village Fire
Woodlane Village Fire
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